Stop fraudsters from misusing your domain

Implement email authentication with DMARC



Spoofing Lands your Brand Image, Customers & Employees into Risk


Attackers use spoofed emails to phish your customer’s & employee’s credentials


Hackers send forged invoices through mails to your partners & suppliers


Hackers dupe candidates with job offers by spoofing HR Head’s e-mail ID


Attackers send malicious mails having to be Malwares-like Ransomware viruses


Attackers sell illegal goods like weapons or drugs by mail-spoofing trusted brands


Cyber-criminals spoof CEO’s e-mail ID to trick employees into wire-transfer

Trusted Bodies Recommend DMARC


DMARC should be considered as one of the top projects for 2020-2021

National Cyber Security Centre

When you implement anti-spoofing (DMARC) measures and secure your email while in transit, you help protect your brand and reputation

Global Cyber Alliance

As cyber threats mount against healthcare providers, deploying DMARC is an essential solution to protecting their patients' data privacy.

Pillars of DMARC


DMARC is an email validation protocol built on 2 globally accepted authentication protocols namely SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)


SPF is an email authentication protocol that allows the receiving mail server to check if the sender mail server is authorized to send emails on behalf of the organization


DKIM is a public and private crypto based authentication protocol designed to ensure that messages aren’t altered in transit between the sender & receiver mail server

Why Customers Choose ProDMARC?

Intelligent Threat Detection

Protect your domain from abuse by detecting any malicious activity beforehand. ProDMARC’s intelligent machine learning algorithm is trained with abuse-databases to help detect anomalies accurately.

Enhanced Email Deliverability

Misconfigurations and degradation of your domain’s reputation blocks authentic mails- but this, is not a problem with ProDMARC. We auto-detect genuine mail senders so that You can quickly & accurately whitelist them.

Automated Reports, Triggers & Alerts

We understand that false positives in reports can lead to disasters. Hence, ProDMARC guarantees you accurate & detailed-yet easy to understand reports; and automated triggers & alerts for genuine e-mail failures, fraudulent mailing activities & DNS changes.


Our managed services team has a solid track record of ensuring that every on-boarded customer reaches the DMARC inline phase (Reject) quickly. Customers love us as our folks troubleshoot complex mail failures & DMARC incidents effortlessly.

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